Mass Maverick Track Club (MMTC) is dedicated to supporting elite and emerging elite runners in the Greater Boston area as they continue to train and race post-collegiately. Specifically, the club aims to assist runners in their pursuit of personal records, victories and titles at the regional level, qualification for and high placement at national championships, and selection onto USA teams. MMTC supports runners competing over a wide range of distances - 800m up through the marathon - and across multiple venues: track, road, trail, and cross country. The club also places an emphasis on supporting those runners pursuing careers and higher education, particularly those falling into the semi-professional categorySemi-professional runners are those runners who may compete at the national (and even sometimes international) level, but cannot fully support themselves with the limited compensation they obtain in the form of race winnings and travel/training grants. They train and compete on a truly elite level but, due to the nature of the sport and the current organization of sponsorships and resource allocations, do so with a fraction of the support their professional counterparts receive. 

Through strategic partnerships with businesses and organizations in the Boston-area and beyond, MMTC provides runners with support in a number of critical areas including coaching assistance, discounts on gear and shoes, strength & conditioning, gait analysis, nutrition counseling, massage therapy, and recovery and rehabiliation services. In addition, MMTC assits athetes in the procurement of individual sponsorships, entry and accomodations for major competitions, and opportunities to obtain supplementary funding for other training and racing-related expenses. Furthermore, MMTC seeks to provide its members the benefits of group training by faciliatating practices and workouts that fit with each member's individual schedule.

In the last few years, the New England region has emerged as one of the Nation's distance running powerhouses, rivaling the traditional running hubs of the Pacific Northwest and Southwest regions. Much of this recent success can be attributed to the establishment and development of numerous high performance training groups throughout the region. The achievement of these groups demonstrates that when talented and dedicated runners are given the support and resources necessary to create and take advantage of opportunities, they can train, compete and perform at a very high level. However, many of these high performance trianing groups are designed to support athletes pursing a career of professional running in that their benefits can only be fully utilized by those with significant availability and flexibilty (i.e. ability to train at any time of day, take extended training trips to altitude, etc.). As these groups have grown in prominece, so too has the gap between amateur running clubs and profressional training groups, leaving many semi-professional runners lost somewhere in between.

Mass Mavericks Track Club is dedicated to bridging that gap through the pursuit of three main objectives:

  1. Provide elite and emerging elite runners in the Greater Boston area with the support and resources necessary to train, compete, and perform at the local, regional, and national levels
  2. Create an organized and supportive, yet flexible team environment for those runners who may otherwise find themselves training and racing independently
  3. Motivate and convince other emerging elite runners that training and competing at a high level post-collegiately is possible, even if they have aspirations to pursue a career or higher education