maverick n. a person who thinks and acts in an independent way that is different from what is usual or expected 

The Mass Mavericks aren't afraid of doing things a little bit differently. As runners, we have big goals and expectations: winning races, setting PRs, and being competitive at the regional and national level. But as people, we also have high aspirations. We want to cultivate our careers. We want to earn advanced degrees. We want to prepare for the future. We want to find balance within our lives. 

For some people, the path to success in the running world is the professional running route: all day, every day, doing whatever it takes; a life where training and racing and winning are the priorities, and everything else needs to somehow fit in around them. We understand and respect what these professional runners, our competitors and often times our friends, endure to get and stay where they are  - the commitment, the sacrifice, the pressure. They are doing what they feel is best for them, what they know will make them feel happy and fulfilled.

And so are we. 

We workout in the early mornings and the late evenings, often times when the sun is nowhere to be seen. Sometimes we squeeze in a second run or a lifting session during our lunch break. We schedule races around business trips and other work obligations, sometimes altering workouts on the fly when things come up last minute. We run commute to and from work to save time. When we travel to big meets, we pay for our own flights and stay at the local three-star hotel instead of at the fancy host hotel. We may arrive late the night before a race because we couldn't take off from work or miss class the day before. We don't have time for mid-afternoon naps. We can't take month-long trips to train at altitude. We don't have nearly the same amount of time, resources, or support as the majority of our competitors, but yet, we toe the line.

 At Mass Maverick TC, we don't run to pay the bills or put food on the table. Here, we run for ourselves. We run for pride and the indescriable joy of going faster than we ever have before. We run because we love it, and the sense of purpose and direction it gives us. We run to prove to ourselves how strong we are, that we can work a 40-hour week and still go out and set a course record on the weekend. We run to show people that not everything in life is black and white; that there are many paths to the same destination. We run to inspire younger athletes and members of our community to pursue excellence in all aspects of their lives, to not be afraid of having big dreams or wanting to pursue them in a slightly unconventional way.